Webinar: «15 WebRTC-based applications for telcos»

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, Iago Soto, Quobis CMO, was speaking about WebRTC use cases for telcos and the business models behind.


– Residential market Residential Webphone. Virtual number. Extension of fixed line. Second line. Multi-device support. Mobility of fixed lines. Simultaneous ringing. Skip roaming fees. RCS accessible from web browsers. Enabler of OTT services. Web clients for VoLTE (and VoWifi) era. Extension to other devices. API exposure. Orca.js. Chat rooms. Messaging. Browser-based Social TV. Interconnection to SmartTV. 
– Enterprise market Corporate webphone. Connection with PBX. BYOD Virtual desktop infrastructure. Corporate-class multi-conferencing. WebRTC clients. WebRTC MCU. Collaboration in customer care. Share docs. Cobrowsing. Reduce agent time. Increase conversion. Integration of mobile calls in CRM, ERP or corporate tools. Click to call for directories (Yellow pages). Pay per incoming call. In-app communication services. Communication layer to existing mobile apps.