Sippo WebRTC Application Controller

Sippo WebRTC Application Controller (WAC, in short) is a new network element to hides all the complexity in the deployment WebRTC applications.

Sippo WAC acts a WebRTC orchestrator, supporting a number of business cases, through its APIs, ranging from a simple click-to-dial button to advanced scenarios like RCS-based services, integration with existing Web portals, Banking, Health, Logistics, call centers/CRMs, UC, etc.

  • Compliant with standard 3GPP IMS architecture as WAF and WWSF elements
  • Fully-interconnected with existing assets (AD, OSS, BSS, etc.) and VoIP or UC systems.
  • Solves device and browser fragmentation making apps work properly,
  • Manage user provisioning, store call details and provides contextual information.
  • Tested with industry leading SBCs and WebRTC-gateways, supports major signaling methods
  • Carrier-class tests including scalability and security
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