«Partner Day 2017» for remote attendees

On Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 we’ll be having a webinar for those partners who weren’t able to join the «Partner Day 2017» in Madrid (Spain).

Topics covered will be the same, with space for questions in each section, and general ones at the end of the webinar. Time for each section is available in the agenda to help you to join in the topics of your interest. Please, register in the registration form below.


Date/ Wednesday,  November 15th


14.00  (CEST)
Section 1: Where is the opportunity for Sippo? (15 min).
Section 2: Sippo WAC and Sippo Apps introduction (30 mins) Basic concepts. Architecture and roles. Installation and configuration. Troubleshooting.
Section 3: Sippo features (15 mins). Feature list and implications. Scenario support.

15.00 (CEST)
Section 4: Market opportunity (30 mins). Enterprise communications. Customer care. Role of telcos.

15.30 (CEST)
Section 5: Release v3.1 (10 mins). What’s new?. WebRTC Application Controller. Web Collaborator. Click To Call.
Section 6: Demo partner portal (20 mins). Available use cases. Partner admin demo.

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