Entertainment is the best suitable way to introduce smart-living solutions to customers. Connected TV is a new normal into household equipment, and the STB market is fuelling innovation through smart apps, artificial intelligence and interoperability with other smart home equipment (as smart speakers, smartphones… ).

As real-time communications experts, in Quobis we are enthusiastic about the potential of embedding WebRTC technology into smart-TV or set-top-boxes, the main entertainment hub of any connected home.  Enabling multimedia communications in your TV opens up the possibility to support new services:

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From TV using a voice interface.

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Receiving incoming call notifications.

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Instant messaging for urgent notification.

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Interactive TV

Delivering real-time interactivity

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Consumer-grade Smart Huddle Room

Just say to your smart home assistant that you want to voice-call or video-call someone, and the conferencing automatically starts as an overlay frame in your TV, keeping your TV show in the background.

The consumer would enjoy a seamless hands-free conferencing solution with a minimum investment.

STBs and Smart TV manufacturers or telcos would benefit from pre-existing household equipment to provide a new feature and gain differentiation advantage from competitors.

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Video calling as a service for hospitality

Add value to the multimedia equipment enabling services easy to use as video, voice and text messaging or calling.

WebRTC technology enables local or international video or voice callings from customer rooms without any extra charge (just using standard broadband connection), to anyone anywhere, who owns a smartphone, computer or any other hardware capable of running a standard web browser, without the need of pre-install any app.

The same infrastructure could be used for internal callings and messaging, easing closer and more personalized guest caring services.

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Enjoy your favorite shows with your remote-peers

Easily transform your local TV consumption experience into a fun group remote experience, with multi-device compatibility (smart TV, smartphone, tablets, pc…).

Real Time Communications at the service of enjoying life in the best company. 

You must have realised that TV-shows are better when you can share it with your friends, family and others. Just share a link for your room, and start a private Social TV experience. Add social to sports, e-sports, contests, films… 

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The sweet dream of interacting with TV shows becomes real

Interactivity is always one of the main challenges for the domestic entertainment industry. Thanks to the WebRTC technology, creators are viewing his chains broken and how the old aim of interacting in real-time with the audiences is becoming real.

How more engaged could be the experience of interacting with content in real-time, during the transmission: voting, betting, exploring or buying products showed, responding a quiz, contributing with some information, enjoying the experience next to the actor that features the film during a premiere, enter into a VIP chat or video chat room with your favorite musician or athlete after an event.

Traditional TV meets the XXI century with WebRTC technology, and Quobis is ready to make it happen now.

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Sippo is the WebRTC-enabled Unified Communications suite developed by Quobis, to embed video, voice or text communications into any connected device.

Sippo provides features as multiparty video conferencing, screen sharing, voice calling (VoIP and analog), messaging or group chats.

Sippo delivers seamless experience from Web or as native application, covering all possible communication contexts and avoid any possible frustration.

For content creators, service providers, or product owners, Sippo is the best tool to break all chains, and to create new relationships between products, content and audiences.

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