NEW demo: leveraging customer care and ID verification

At MWC we had the opportunity to explain how Sippo is leveraging customer care in enterprises. Sippo Click to Call enables a web phone in existing web sites that allows not only to make a voice or video call with the call center of the company. Using this tool you can share your screen, allowing the agente to understand better your situation and help you to navigate using white boarding tools and/or cobrowsing.

In addition, we had a demo on customer ID verification, based on the solution we built for customer onboarding, explaining that this feature can be used for general user identification (for critical operations like strange wire transfers, onboarding in telcos and other service providers, etc.). As a second factor of authentication we have included Mobile Connect, where CSPs play an active role as identity provider.

The following figure represents the use cases we have included in the demo.


Please contact your Quobis representative to have access to the demo or discuss further details.